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Northeast USA - Available as Complete Line or in Parts




Machine Overview





200" Beloit Pressurized Headbox with (3) Rectifier Rolls, Valmet Jetmatic MT Actuators




Beloit Cantilevered Fourdrinier with Johnson Foils, Stainless Steel Dewatering Elements



Suction Couch


Valmet Couch Roll, 213.5" x 35"



Press Section 


Press Section, 1st and 2nd Press Straight Thru, 3rd Section Smoothing Press



Dryer Section 


32-Can Dryer Section, 5-Can After Dryer Section (after coater), 200" Face x 60" Diam. Low Pressure



On-Line Coater


AB Inventing Bill Blade Coater, 198.5" Wide Rolls, Single Pass, Top and Bottom Sheet Coating, with Dual Overly Inc. Gas Fired IR Dryers, with Supply Tanks and Mixing Skid, Spare Rolls



2-Roll Calender 

Manchester 2-Roll Hard Nip Calender Stack, 194"x36" Diameter Top Roll, 194"x22.5" Bottom Controlled Crown Roll with Impact Systems Thermal Profiling, Chilled Iron Top Roll, Spare Rolls



3-Roll Calender 


Kusters Mat-On-Line 3-Roll Soft Nip Calender Stack, 193" x 36" Thermal Oil Heated Controlled Crown Center Roll, 193" x 27" Top and Bottom HV Rolls, With Controlled Crown, Zone Control, Each Roll Driven, 2000 PLI with (3) Spare Rolls





(2) Valmet Damatic XD Scanners for Weight/Caliper/Coating Weight





Horizontal Track Reel, Primary and Seconday Arms, 194" x 42" Drum, 20-Ton Overhead Crane, (5) 195" x 18" Reel Spools





Beloit SFM Slitter Rewinder, 7500 FPM, 90" Max Unwind Roll Diameter, 60" Diameter Shaftless Rewind, 400 HP Regen. Brake, (2) 190"x30" Drums, 16" Diameter Lead in Roll, (2) 175 HP AC Drive Motors, With Quickdraft Trim Blower System.









Kusters Mat-On-Line 3-Roll Soft-Nip Calender Stack - Late Model



Technical Files

- PM Layout and Roll Data

- Dryer NDT Report

- Coater to Reel Elevation

- Dry End Rebuild Elevation 

- Winder Elevation